All I needed was a (digital) guardian angel

Let’s just pretend we don’t see the tumbleweeds rolling across my blog, shall we, and get straight to the story. I wrote a piece recently for IntelIQ that looks at performance-boosting technology. Sounds great – we all want to be better, faster, stronger, right?

Turns out a huge focus of all these new technologies is pretty simple. Keep us safe. Put another way, in my book, protect us from ourselves. Since we can’t always trust that we will know (or heed) our own limits, and we can’t reply on coaches or trainers to bear that responsibility, technology is stepping in. You can’t lie to your device and say it doesn’t hurt that bad. And a device can’t make misguided decisions in telling you you should definitely keep going. Now, obviously technology is not a substitute for the golden rule of knowing yourself, but if used correctly, there’s a lot of cool stuff out there that can keep athletes from getting hurt. Because nobody’s getting better if they’re sitting on the sidelines.

“We came up with technology to monitor what your body does when you play,” says Brian Kopp, Catapult president for North America. “It captures every single micro-movement your body makes, then translates the output into data so you know how hard you work.”

Wearable devices can recognize when an athlete is fatigued, compensating for muscle tightness, dehydrated, over-exerting, and countless other factors. They can be, said Clarke, an athlete’s “guardian angel.”

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And in the meantime, here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to:

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