Redline your soul



We watched The Sharp End to prepare for our rock climbing lessons at Red River Gorge this weekend.  And a line from one of the climbers sung to me.

You have to redline your soul


That’s what this quest for a new sport is for me. It’s not because I like exercise. It’s not because I need a hobby. I want to redline my soul.

I want surging adrenaline in the midst of it and a frisson at the mere thought of my sport. I had that with powerlifting.  And one of my talismans — chalking my hands, which meant shit was about to get real — carries over into rock climbing. My superstitious side lights up at that. Maybe that’s a sign that this will be my sport.

Another climber in the film put to words a feeling I had about powerlifting.

It’s where fear and confidence collide.

Yes to that, too! Like getting under a really heavy weight, it seems like climbing demands you to face a primal fear, muster all your confidence, and fight to conquer it. When you come out on the other side it’s exultation.

I am dumbfounded by the fearless approach of the climbers I saw in the film. Even when they were visibly shaking, they kept going, an inch at a time if need be, until they scaled their challenge.  I hope I can rummage up even a fraction of their guts when I take my first lessons.  I’ll have to, if I want to redline my soul.


2 thoughts on “Redline your soul

  1. Oh lady, my two obsessions are weights and climbing… I find them very similar in so many ways, and the things I learn in one help me in the other. For example. having to address your fears, listen and react to how your body feels, be scared but do it anyway, positive self talk. And, of course, how to get covered in chalk and dirt.

    Good luck with the lesson!

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