Your lethal weapon vs my explosive squat – I win!

It turns out the thousands (and thousands) of reps I did with squats have the potential to save my life. If an attacker ever tries to gut me with a knife, that is. Obviously I hope I never have to put this into action, but when I learned this maneuver at Krav Maga this morning I stayed after to practice it more with the instructor.

Here’s how it works: Dude comes at me with a knife, sweeping it up to gut me. I jump back, grabbing his wrist with my hands, then rush him like a linebacker, still clamped onto the wrist. I pivot to get my back to him, throw his knife arm over my head so it’s lying on my left shoulder, and still ,locked onto it, squat as low as I can (which thanks to USAPL rules, is ass-to-grass). Then I explode up (something I worked a LOT on in powerlifting), which drives his knife arm down straight toward, you guessed it — his own gut. And I’ve impaled him!

I’m not allowed to squat with weight on my back anymore and it’s the single exercise I miss more than anything — I still dream about it. It’s also what hurt me. So if it ever came down to it, it’s only fair that my squat skillz might save my life.


2 thoughts on “Your lethal weapon vs my explosive squat – I win!

  1. I came to your blog from the article in Experience Life. I had no idea until I got to your blog of the recent developments with your herniated disc, surgery and recovery. I’ll tell you why it was so well timed for me. I have 6 herniated discs (yep 6) and although I am sure they are not as acute as yours because I rarely experience pain that has me curled up in a ball (although it has happened a few times)…. I do struggle with how to get more fit and stronger while being careful of my back. I recently started researching heavy lifting and read New Rules of Lifting for Women. But I am so intimidated to try because of my back. On one hand your story scares me a little because I’m starting OUT with this injury… makes me worry it’s a stupid idea. But I also think listening to your body is a big help and I know you wish you could go back and do that… I guess the good thing is I’m USED to that, I DO expect things to hurt my back so I am very careful. I do plan to talk to a few doctors before I embark on anything of course.
    I just want you to know you ARE super inspiring. Especially to me given my injuries. I have lost 100 lbs and would like to lose 30-40 more as well as start lifting heavy and become a lot more fit. I think it will be a long road for me.
    I know you are looking for a new sport right now. But in one of your posts you mentioned something along the lines of, what else might you be good at, what might be a good fit for you. Have you every thought about becoming either a physical therapist or a personal trainer who specializes in helping people with back injuries to work around them and get strong? I so wish I could have a trainer like that and I can only imagine you would be fantastic at that.

    • Thanks so much for writing! It’s definitely tricky to try to get/stay strong while being careful of a dodgy back. I’m working with a new trainer who knows how to help me do it though.

      It sounds like you are being very smart about it, and will be careful. You don’t need me to tell you nothing is worth the pain that re-injuring yourself will cause.

      I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement! Best of luck to you in your training!

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