Hello friend

We don't need Drago

Hi, sore muscles. Welcome back! It’s been good to have you around the last couple weeks. It had been a while — I missed you. You being here is good news indeed. You may make me walk funny, or yelp when I put my arms over my head or behind my back, but I know what your message is: I’ve been working! When I don’t feel anything I know my muscles are just flopping along in the breeze, not a care in the world, atrophying. When you’re around I know it’s back to business: getting stronger. I also like you a lot better than your nasty step-cousins,  injury and pain.

You know, I thought for a long time that pain was a sign that I was working hard. I sure felt that a lot more than good old “DOMS” (delayed onset muscle soreness).I’ve wised up though, and learned that you’re the one I want, not the break-me-down pain like Drago. You’ve been back way more intensely and for longer after each workout than you used to come around. It must be something about my new training style. I like it!

The burn that leaves me quivery like a bowl full of jelly also (curiously) leaves me feeling  detoxed — flushed of anything negative — and happy. Not in the same way mentally/psychologically that meeting a numerical lifting goal did, but perhaps in less of a messing-with-my-mind way. I may not be able to check a box that I lifted *this* much. But I did keep pushing, I did put in that one extra round of downhill weighted lunges when I thought I was done, after I’d done so many uphill and downhill that I thought surely my legs would just drop of their own accord and I thought I’d cry when the “one more, do it again” came. (And yes Rocky, it is going in one more round when you don’t think you can that makes all the difference.) And now you’re here, that can’t-ignore soreness in my glutes and quads and hamstrings that proves, even more than the awesome compliment of being called a little tank, that I did a good job, I put in the effort in a tough workout.

Once we’ve been back together for a while I may not notice you or appreciate you as much, but now, while I can’t help but notice you since I’m so newly back to training, welcome. Welcome back. I hope you’ll stick around.



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