Give me a ‘E’

If I were to somehow land in prison, I’d be sure to be model citizen because it would have to be gen pop all the way for me, baby.  Being virtually housebound this last month and a half has felt like solitary confinement, and I can easily see why getting locked  in the shoe is punishment.

I’m an ENFJ on the Myers Briggs personality type (I know not everybody goes in for personality types, but I majored in Psychology because this kind of stuff fascinates me). The E means I draw my energy from external, not internal, sources. In other words, I have to be around people. That’s probably why I love NYC and Bangkok. They’re like mainlining caffeine, whereas languishing in my house has drained me of my vital force. That was part of what I liked about the gym — just being around other people, especially those who shared my interest (mania).

I’m gearing up to return to work at the office next week, after limping out in tears mid-January when I realized I couldn’t stand the pain anymore. I’m also rejoining society, with a lunch today (my first lunch not at my kitchen table in six weeks!) AND as long as I feel up to it, another restaurant event this evening.  It feels like a big day. I’ve put on a dress and makeup (after living in sweatpants and barefaced all this time). I barely recognize myself since I don’t look like an invalid (and therefore don’t feel like one!). I like it. I also go back to the gym (my new gym) late next week, to start on some easy rehab type work. It’s time to get my life going again. The pause button has been on long enough. Let’s go!


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