Who’s that girl?

When I got an email from a writer at Blisstree saying

we thought you’d be perfect for our next “That Girl”. This is a weekly post I do featuring a different woman each week to help inspire other women.

I thought at first that I was not at all perfect for it, and in fact, all wrong. I’m not working out right now, other than my PT exercises and pool walks.

She described That Girl as

A weekly column on www.blisstree.com that profiles a “real” woman and her accomplishments, challenges and what works for her, so she can serve as a source for other women to learn from and get motivated to achieve something awesome with their own health and fitness.

I wondered why she would want to feature me, knowing I’m on the bench right now.  Wouldn’t it be hypocritical to praise powerlifting when I’m dealing with an injury related to my sport?

But I thought about it, and realized that the lessons I learned from powerlifting didn’t go away just because I’m not lifting right now. In fact, it’s exactly what I learned that’s sustaining me right now — that I can make anything mine that I want enough and work hard enough for.  It’s easy to go to workouts when you’re closing in on a goal. It’s not easy to go to PT and do exercises that a couple of months ago would have been a joke — less than a warm-up. It’s not easy to walk laps in a pool as I watch my callouses disappear when I want nothing more than to grip a barbell in my hands. But lifting taught me to persevere, so that’s what I’m trying to do. And maybe someone can benefit from hearing that I can keep going when everything is shot to hell, just as much as they benefit from hearing that things are going beautifully.

So I replied to the email and the next day, there I was — “That Girl.”


4 thoughts on “Who’s that girl?

  1. Congratulations on being featured, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I know it’s probably cold comfort, but I really do appreciate you posting about what you’ve been going through. I admired you before, and I admire you even more now, for continuing to write about it. We prize success stories so much in this culture that it becomes easy to forget that as amazing as achievement is, what comes after that, and after that, is the really hard part. I hope you heal quickly and easily.

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