The honey badger don’t care

So as I’m waiting on the results of an MRI to find out if the injury to my back is bad or worse (sorry for that Debbie Downer intro!), I’m pondering how I come to be missing the internal gauge that should have told me when I was pushing too hard (more on that later). Some people don’t have filters when they talk and so they say anything that comes into their head. I seem not to have the little dial or knob internally that tells me when I’ve gone too far physically. But at least I have a soulmate in the animal kingdom — maybe it can be my totem.

The honeybadger’s really pretty badass


2 thoughts on “The honey badger don’t care

  1. Here’s hoping it’s not as bad as you’re fearing! I thought of you today when pulling deadlifts and I wasn’t feeling pushing towards my PR (I’ve hit it before and was thinking of matching it) but my body was all “no, please don’t” and instead I stuck to a slightly lower weight and did a few more reps. It’s so, so tempting to want to keep pushing that limit, but as my husband keeps telling me–every training day is not supposed to be some personal best–and he’s been doing this for years. But it’s still really hard to listen to that!

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