Goals? I got your goals right here


Accomplishing goals has got to be one of the most hugely satisfying feelings in the world, and working for them one of the most motivating. Looking ahead to that flying-high feeling of making something amazing happen will get you through a lot. So now that I’ve made my 2011 goals  just in time to celebrate in Paris  I immediately started thinking about what I want for next year. Besides some numbers that sound downright monstrous to me right now on the three big lifts, I want to work on my press, and to claim one of the most bad-ass titles out there . Only a handful of women (three right now) can claim it, and they all weight more than I do which perversely makes me want it even more, and to be the lightest woman to get it.

So after talking it over with Ben, who’s on board to get me where I want and got me to this year’s goals, here goes:

In 2012 I will:

  1. Squat 100 kg (220lbs, up from 200 now)
  2. Bench 60 kg (132 lbs, up from 105 now)
  3. Deadlift 115kg (253lbs, up from 205 now)
  4. Press bodyweight
  5. Become an Iron Maiden! 24kg kettlebell: pistol (one-leg) squat, weighted pull up, one-arm overhead press

Ambitious? Extremely. But this year’s numbers seemed crazy when I wrote them down and put them on my fridge in February. I could barely squat 150 at the time and deadlifted 155 by the skin of my teeth. Bench was a shaky 85 and I could do 3 or 4 chin-ups and maybe 10 push-ups. I don’t even know what possessed me to think I could get to the numbers I did. But I believed in it, and I worked for it. And better to set goals to high and not make them than meet mediocre, easily attainable ones. So when I come back from my trip, it’s on!


3 thoughts on “Goals? I got your goals right here

  1. This post definitely inspired me! There has been lots of talk about the Iron Maiden online lately, so I’m making it my 2012 goal as well. This will be interesting, since I can’t currently do proper bodyweight pistols!

    Here’s to a crazy strong 2012!

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