Strong means never having to say it’s too heavy

While checking out in a grocery store today I overheard the woman in front of us say to the cashier, “can I have another bag? This is too heavy for me to carry.” She needed to split her groceries into two bags, presumably so she could carry them in one at a time when she got home.

My husband looked at me, knowing I’d heard the exchange. I didn’t say anything, I mean, how rude would that be, but as I carried our heavy bag of groceries in, I thought about how one of my wishes before I started working out was to be able to carry the basket around at the farmer’s market. I wrote:

size 4 doesnโ€™t mean anything if you have to pass the farmerโ€™s market basket to your husband when it gets too weighed down with produce.

Well, weigh it down with the heaviest of fall produce and I tote it around with no trouble now (and left size 4 behind a long time ago as well, incidentally).

Before I had goals in mind like a 200lb squat, I just wanted to be self-sufficient. So yeah, even though I want these big numbers on a lift that takes only moments, I want to remember to appreciate the many ways every single day that being strong makes life better outside the gym.ย  (And I’ll still be proud and excited when I find out just how strong I am in the gym, like with testing max reps on bench at 80 pounds!)


7 thoughts on “Strong means never having to say it’s too heavy

    • It makes me kind of wish I’d done a “real world” test of strength before starting. Like, I know I could *barely* bench press the bar and have added 60 pounds to that, but how much could I carry in a basket before, vs now? It would be fun to know ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Ah! Love this post. I also observe things like your grocery store experience and take pride in and thankfulness that I’ve discovered my strength and no longer have to hide behind “being a woman.” I dig heavy things out of our shed on my own that in the past I would’ve just left for my husband to do without a second thought. It is a great feeling to be empowered.

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