Welcome to the 200 club

one by one!

I’m in! Even farmer carries with 50lb kettlebells couldn’t wipe the grin off my face after Ben high-fived me and congratulated me for what I thought was just a hard deadlift. It’s been a series of fun and interesting challenges lately, and today’s was single deadlifts on the minute, adding 10 pounds each time.

I wanted to lift heavy today — after yesterday’s squat miss and a not-good work day, I was tapping my toes with impatience to get to the garage and just give it everything I had to rip something off the floor. Sometimes the stars align and I get what I want. I could lift until I missed, so I determined that I would not miss.

Luckily I can’t count and don’t bother trying to figure out what’s on the bar.  I did my lift on the minute, noticing how it felt different with each increase, switching to mixed grip when Ben had me put on my belt, and steeling myself for it to get really hard now. On the second lift after I put on the belt Ben turned up the music, but didn’t say anything special or get the phone to video.  I got set, tightened everything, and just pulled, thinking about spreading the floor with my feet. It was heavy and I was going slow, but it kept going. “Lean back!” Ben yelled, and I tried digging my heels in, still pulling. The bar came up and I locked it out. Done. “It’s really going to get hard now, ” I thought. I figured I was around 175 or so, 12 pounds under my max.

“You’re done. Congratulations,” Ben said as he smacked my hand. “What? How much is it?” I asked, oblivious to the fact that there was a 45, a 25 and a 10 on each side.  He replied with the best thing I’ve ever heard him say; “205.” I was deliriously happy, repeatedly asking if he was sure, were we using the regular bar, repeating  “no WAY!”

Best of all, although it was really, really hard, and I gave it everything I had, I didn’t have to fight for it like I’ve had to fight for lighter weights. Because I did it right. So as blissed out as I was for meeting — and even surpassing — my goal of 200, I was thrilled, too, to have done it right. I set up right, I kept it close, I kept my chest up. Now that I know I can pull a heavy weight, I know I will go heavier. The 200 club is a whole new world and I’m so excited to be in it!


6 thoughts on “Welcome to the 200 club

  1. So exciting!!! That is my big deadlift goal – 200. Something about getting over that mark seems so…well, you know! It’s the 200 club. For girls!!! My last 1 rep max was 169, and it’s been several weeks. I know it can’t be too far off…I like reading your mental coaching – I will remember those cues on my next try!

    Nice work!

  2. CONGRATS!! I’m hoping to get there very, very soon. Although…mine will be 203, not 205, because my tiny hands much prefer the standard women’s Oly bar. (Which is still too thick for me to THINK about hook gripping.)

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