Under the bar – for real!


I talk a lot about getting under the bar, but I got under it for real, in a new way, this weekend.I’ve done my share of bench presses, but I’ve never just done a straight-up press with a barbell. Two things about it: it’s humbling, and it’s hard. And I loved it!

The humbling part came in when we had only added 20lbs to the bar, and I found my hard two reps.”That didn’t take long,” Ben said. Nope. I did my 7 sets of two at 65 pounds, having to do a mental re-set each time I took the light weight off the rack and then found how heavy it was as I pushed it up and over my head with nothing to brace myself with or against but my own body and my two feet.

I of course wished I were lifting more, feeling a little silly to be working so hard just to lift something just under 2/3 of my body weight. (Naturally I looked it up later. I found that a one-rep max of 71 is considered advanced for my bodyweight, so I can’t complain too much. I’m glad to have put it in context.)

And I’m glad to have introduced a new lift. It’s a new skill to learn — if I can do 65 for two right off the bat, once I learn how to perform it well, how much can I lift? It’s hard  in a different way than my other lifts. And it keeps things interesting — not that I’ve run out of things to learn (not even close!) but I love a new challenge.  It may be ridiculous to hope for a bodyweight press, but then again, so did a goal of 10 chin-ups, so you never know!


One thought on “Under the bar – for real!

  1. I do a lot more shoulder pressing than I do bench pressing. Suck at both…won’t be happy until I’m in triple digits 🙂

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