Off to Paris with a 200lb squat

Some people put tchotchkes on their fridge to remind them not to overeat — little magnets that bear cartoon characters with quips about waistlines.  My fridge has a weight reminder, but not of that sort. This is mine:


Back in February when I didn’t even know what I was or was not capable of, I decided that this year I would bench 100 pounds, deadlift 200 and squat 200. (At the time I had 85 — without a pause, 155 and 150.) I meant it. I don’t do “vision boards” but I believe in the power of the written word so I wrote down my goals on  slip of paper and put them on the side of my refrigerator. I got the chin-ups and push-ups, but not the weights yet.

And my year is coming to a close. I leave for Paris and Morocco in six weeks, and I’ll be gone 17 days.  It’ll take weeks to recover from the loss in strength I’ll experience in that time (though the weight I’ll gain will be a great training weight, Ben says) and I’m missing my only chance to compete again this year by going on this trip. I get that she who goes gallivanting off to Paris and Fez to eat fabulous food and ride camels in the Sahara is not allowed to whine about missing a powerlifting meet, but here’s my shortcoming –well, one of them:

Without a goal in mind, I’m as aimless as a butterfly floating along on the breeze. It’s hard to stay focused, hard to stay energized. I actually think about not wanting to work out. I was sluggish this week, struggling with light weights and not even caring all that much when Ben made me rack the bar  two days in a row. All that to say, I need a goal before I leave for the trip, and I need one in a major way. After I come back I start preparing for a (yet-to-be-determined) meet in the first part of the year. But I’ve got six important weeks to get through first.

So I told Ben about my slip of paper with those goals and the wheels starting turning. He checked the calendar, started calculating, and said, “ok — that’s what we’ll do!” I’m closest on bench — I’ve done 98 with a pause for two reps, so we’ll tackle that first. I’ve done 180 for 3 reps on deadlift so that’s next. And a 200lb squat to depth will take the most work, as I’ve only done 176 to USAPL depth (though I’ve done 180 for 5 not to depth) so that’ll be the week before I go.

So here’s the plan, laid out by Ben in an email that in the few moments it took me to read it got me fired up for the first time since I learned I wasn’t competing again this year:

Two weeks we bench 100+ with pause

Three weeks we do the deadlift

Five weeks we send you off to Paris with a 200lb squat!!!

Now go get it!!!

We’re on!


2 thoughts on “Off to Paris with a 200lb squat

  1. good luck, those are kick-ass goals! (and remarkably similar to mine!) i’m trying to hit a double bodyweight deadlift by the end of the year…i’m *thisclose* to 200 on deadlift. if i can squat 200 by the end of the year, i’ll be ecstatic, and i’ll feel justified in buying one of those sweet shirts on the right side of the page 🙂 i will also be thrilled when i break 100 lbs on a strict shoulder press (i pretty much never bench press).

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