One year later: coach Q&A

Coach Ben

To mark my one-year training “birthday” I decided to let someone else say something for a change. Reader, you hear a lot about coach Ben from me, but here’s his take on the biggest year of my life.

Q.  When I came in a year ago,  completely out of shape, what did you see as your biggest challenge, and mine?
– making you realize this would be a journey, not a destination.  That hard isn’t impossible and nothing is easy but doable.

Q. Why did you push me so hard, when other coaches might have thought I was not young enough, not big enough, not ready yet to work so hard?

– working hard is an attitude not a capability.  Anyone who has the right attitude can work hard because intensity is relative.  10 push ups is just as hard for one person as one push up is for someone else.

Q. What are you most proud to have taught me?

– that if you want something bad enough you have to also have the patience to see it through.

Q. What haven’t I learned yet that you wish I would?

– take pleasure in small successes and quit worrying about the big fish.  Don’t worry, your coach sometimes struggles with this very same idea.  You work so hard and want the big reward but a personal record is a personal record be it one pound or ten.

Q. In your mind, what’s been the biggest accomplishment of my training?

– first chin up.. hands down.. you worked hard… you met success and failure and with a little patience you got it! After that your training changed because you learned that even though you work hard it doesn’t always happen the way you plan it.  More importantly, that even though you fail a few times doesn’t mean it will never happen.

Q. What’s the biggest challenge/needed improvement I face now (or that you face as my coach)?

figure out what’s your next “first chin up”… that thing you accomplish or learn that gets you to the next level… what is the next level? Mental toughness as we discussed yesterday.  The idea when you put your hands on the bar you know you will succeed no matter what!

Q. What will be the biggest difference between year one and year two?

Hard to say… still a long way to go.  Technical refinements. Figuring out the best possible program to see the greatest amount of gains.  All the while and most importantly getting you and keeping you healthy.  Don’t get me wrong, there will always be aches and pains but minimizing those will lead to more productive workouts.

Q. What haven’t I asked that you want to say?

The one thing I didn’t have to teach you.. Consistency.  If you read about any athletic accomplishment they attribute it to consistency.  As long as you have a plan and stick to it you will get better.  Is it the perfect plan? Never is, but you always learn something all the way.

Thanks coach!

180, done!


4 thoughts on “One year later: coach Q&A

  1. Very nice read!

    What most people indeed don’t realize is that consistency will always trump quick fixes… the ones who stick to a plan (it doesn’t need to be perfect but you gotta believe in the plan that it’ll work for you) will see progress far beyond what they eventually thought was possible for them… exactly what happened to your chin ups one year down the road – or any other exercise you started constantly practicing.

    Your coach knows what he’s talking about!

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