Chin-ups plus 15 pounds

Nobody says you can’t have fun just because you take your training seriously. And really, if it weren’t fun, why do it? Granted, it can’t always be fun. 150  35-lb kettlebell swings on a dark, cold, rainy morning was not fun yesterday. I was glad to have done it, but let’s be honest. It sucked as I was doing them.

But most days, I find plenty fun about my workout. Sometimes it’s as small as making it through six reps when Coach says to do five or six. But sometimes it’s just something so cool, so Rocky-like, that I can hardly keep a grin off my face as I’m doing it.

Today I got that. After bench press and push-ups, I got to do some weighted chin-ups in the garage. And not just any old weighted chins. I got a belt with a chain that I hung a 15-lb red kettlebell from. How cool is that? I did one a time, resting in between, for five. Coach explained the value in this vs. just doing multiple reps of regular chin-ups. I would explain it if I understood it better, but the gist is this: it will help make me stronger, and that’s all I need to know. Also, it’s freaking cool to be knocking out chin-ups in a garage with a kettlebell dangling from a chain around my hips.

As plentiful as the benefits are of my training, ranking right up there is the sheer badassery of some of the things I get to do. I don’t know if everyone who works out feels like this, or if I’m still sort of in awe that the girl who had to be lifted up to the chin-up bar and carried through chin-ups a year ago gets to play at being a badass now.  Either way, I love this stuff!

>>Thanks to my facebook friend Wayne for the fun new vocabulary term badassery!


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