I rarely get to fight for a weight. I either get it or I fail and I’ve always admired my friend and training partner Susan for fighting  her way through tough weights.

I finally got a chance to fight a weight this morning. After needing four attempts at 150 plus 40 lbs of chains to get  to depth so that Ben would let me add weight, I got to the big number — 160 + 40 (that’s 200, the magical, mythical number in my head). And while I have to, have to, have to work on depth — parallel isn’t going to cut it — I fought hard to come up and I won. So for today, I get to be a superhero.


5 thoughts on “Superhero

  1. When you were losing weight, did you focus on diet at all, or was it just a result of your weight training? I’m a girl trying to lose about 5-7 pounds and “tone up”- I like weight lifting but I’m very weak right now! I also don’t have a gym with coaches to go to… I’m kinda on my own. Right now I’m trying to get the basics down, and squat heavier, etc. Any advice for weight loss + weight lifting at the same time?

    • Hi Nicole, I would say in the beginning it was 50/50. I didn’t so much cut calories though, as look at how I was eating, and try to eat for fuel. So I gradually replaced my bread/pasta/carb heavy diet with meats and added more fruits and veggies. As I lifted heavier weights I found that I needed to eat more calories in order to stop losing weight. My original goal was to “tone up” too and that just came along with getting stronger.
      I would really try to find a gym and coach who can work with you because it’s so important that you use the right form and technique with heavier weights. If that’s not possible at all, I’d research what you can do with your own bodyweight, things like push-ups, chin-ups, planks, etc. I read some great websites/blogs you might find helpful. I haven’t built out a blogroll on my new site yet, but some of them are, and Also two sites with great articles: and Hope this helps! Keep me posted.

      • I like the sites you recommended. I am going to start off with the lifts I know how to do– I once had a trainer, so I remember good form for squats, bench, etc. I have a lot of strength to build starting with push-ups and bodyweight work will be just fine!
        Thank you for the advice!

  2. Hey Dana,

    found your site thru your comment on Jay Ferruggia’s blog.

    Gotta tell ya, what you’re doing is damn cool – showing the world how a petite female can and should lift heavy.

    I think I’m gonna tell some of my female clients to come read your stuff for inspiration.

    Congrats on your world record btw!

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