What it takes to win

Well duh. If winning were the be-all, end-all, I’d just find a way to cheat. But there’s nothing I’m less willing to consider. I’ve had a bit of a bad attitude (ok, a piss-poor one if I’m being honest) lately, not seeing the point in competing when I can’t win. But a smack-the-forehead kind of thought came to me today.

The reason I want to win isn’t for the sake of winning itself. It’s not for the ‘hardware’ or a certificate (although those are cool!). When you get down to it I want to know that I have what it takes to win. That’s it. And I’ve been operating under the idea that those were the same.

But I’ll be logical here. If I do everything I need in order to do my absolute best at the meet — if I follow my coach’s workouts, if I push myself in all of it, whether it’s something I like (squats! pullups! handstand pushups!) or something I don’t (front squats, rowing, situps), if I eat clean and skip cocktail hour — and I go to the meet and throw everything I’ve got at it, then the result is the same regardless of what anyone else happens to do that day. If I can prove to myself I have what it takes to win, then the amount of weight another lifter moves has no relevance to my accomplishment.

Seriously, duh. I have some ‘I told you so’s’ coming.


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