Get with the program

Man with a plan. Or woman, as the case may be. I like having a plan.

Most any coach can probably write a program for an athlete in perfect condition. But take a broken lifter that wants to squat record weights and improve her deadlift, but she can’t squat heavy or deadlift (sumo or conventional) without pain, and what’s a coach to do then? Some might just give up, tell their athlete to drop their plans of competing.

Luckily for me, that’s not my coach. Through some trial and error, and creative thinking from Ben, and enough recovery from knee and hip issues (thanks Rachel!) I am back on a program  after a month of feeling aimless. And it’s a hybrid of a fixed plan and daily surprises that I’m really digging. My worries of getting weaker are over now. Check this out:

Monday/Thursday we bench
We’ll do some tricep work following, shoulder work, and abs

Tuesday/ Friday we deadlift off the blocks
Same weight each day, we add 10lbs per week
Tuesday you dead lift low box, Friday you deadlift high box
We work up to 3×5 and when you can’t lift that we go 3×3
We’ll also include pull ups or chin ups, bent over row, upper back work

To this I’m adding light squats (finally! back under the squat bar!) on deadlift days. Bench is following the Soviet Peaking program, and everything else is coach’s choice. I have so much fun coming into the gym and checking the whiteboard to see what Ben has cooked up for me to do that day. Handstand pushups maybe? Timed chin-up challenges? Turkish situps? (Now that I’ve experienced the supreme mortification that is learning to do Turkish sit-ups, I want to practice them until I can do them without looking like a helplessly flailing turtle stranded on its back.)

This is all geared toward keeping me going and working around my issues while  maintaining strength until the USAPL Raw national championships in one month in Scranton.

After that it’s a new plan: “We are starting over.  Even, pain free, perfect lifts and we build you back up again” says Ben. I know that will be a long process, but as long as I have a plan, it’s all good .


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