Turns out the hard part is after the fact

180, done!

It’s remarkably easy to go to the gym bright (or dark as the case may be) and early, or at the end of a work day, as long as there’s a goal in mind. With a single-minded focus — squat 180 — everything was geared toward that. I couldn’t keep myself away from the gym while working to reach that goal.

As great as it was to reach it — and it was one of the best feelings ever — I’m sad that that training phase is over.

Power lifting is kind of like an addiction that offers small, crazily intense highs, and lots of long stretches of working for that high. Without knowing what the next high, the next goal, is, it’s harder to find that motivation. Until we see how I recover during two deload weeks (I was basically broken by the meet and need this time off from heavy lifting) we won’t decide how to proceed with the next program.  I plodded through my first week of deload last week, then swung my feet out of bed at 5 this morning without my usual thrill of excitement to go work out. And I didn’t like that one bit. I love power lifting, and I want to learn to maintain my passion even when what I’m doing isn’t exciting.

Some encouragement from Ben and from Susan helped today. It’s only a few more days until we see what I’ll do next.  And I’m already adding sumo deadlifts to the workouts this week, so it’s not like I’m twiddling my thumbs while I wait.

In fact, I did anything but that last Friday when Susan and I spent some time with Laura Phelps Sweatt and her coach/husband Shane at their gym in Cincinnati. We had lots of questions for her as the strongest female power lifter in the world, and she wanted to see our lifts to see what feedback she could offer. With some visual cues, like telling me to imagine two walls are closing in on me and that I’m pushing them apart, I at last got my first body weight bench press. I was so thrilled that I wanted to do like the guys my husband tells me about in his old gym in the 80s that wore gold chains with their bench number on them. So if you see a golden charm that says 100, let me know, will you?

And while I’ll work to keep my focus on now, and try my hardest to become more patient, I’ll look back at moments like my big squat and my first big bench and remember that those moments are what make it all worthwhile. And there are lots more still to come!


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