I heart dead lifts

Actually I don’t. I kind of hate them. I’m also not nearly as strong at them as I am my other lifts. Bad because I don’t like them or don’t like them because I’m bad at them. Does it matter? Either way I need to get better. And I start tomorrow.

Ben is putting me on a Soviet Peaking Cycle. Just the name sounds cool enough to make me believe I’ll get stronger (and I’m learning that what I believe goes a long way in this sport).  The TNation article I immediately read when I first learned of the program says:

Seasoned lifters can usually expect to add between 2.5 to 5 percent on their 1rep max, whereas less experienced trainees should do even better.

Here’s where I’m glad to be a “less experienced trainee,” or novice, as Ben reminds me I am.  With a 180 max, a 5 percent increase would get me to 189, so what does “even better” mean?


Roubles from the ATM

Always wanting more, more, more, I asked if 189 was really all I could expect. As if achieving a number is like punching in an amount in the ATM whenever I want it and getting it just like that.  I should know by now not to expect to hear what I want to hear. Instead I got a reminder that patience is the name of this game, as is focusing on the here and now, not on the wishful thinking for some future date. I could argue that goals drive me, but that’s not the point, and trying to be right won’t get me where I want to be.

As hard as it is to bite my lip and acknowledge that yes, I do need to be more patient, I will do just that. This is a sport that takes years to excel at, and just because I have an arbitrary number in my head for a date because I want to do well at a meet, the progress won’t happen any faster. It will happen when I focus on my work, follow the program, get the right rest and food, and yes, learn to finally love deadlifts.



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