Time to get tough

“Mental toughness.”

That’s what Ben informed me this week I need to work on. In my own defense I had to point out that I’ve toughened up a lot since the February meet where I acted like a spooked racehorse when I got under the bar in front of the crowd. But I get his point.

When I get to the USA Powerlifting Raw National Championships in August it won’t be in the comfort of my own gym. It’ll be the real deal – maybe on a stage, lots of lights, cameras, an audience that’s not mainly gym friends and family. I can’t get spooked. I can’t fidget my feet around like I did with my 180 squat this time. I damn sure can’t roar with glee as I come out of the hole and nearly lose the bar no matter how excited I am.

Ben has some ideas for how to teach me this kind of toughness. Gone are the days where I just lift the weight. When I get out of my two weeks of rehab, I’m lifting weights with anything he can think of to distract me and make me lose my focus. I’m to step out of the rack — one, two — and get set. And no matter what happens, nothing can exist but the weight on my back until I’ve completed the lift and racked the bar.

But then? Then I can roar as loudly as I want. 🙂


One thought on “Time to get tough

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