Eye on the prize

Eye on the prize
I have this tendency to look at what’s coming next … and next … and next. No matter how big or exciting of a trip I’m planning, I’m also simultaneously thinking/dreaming about the next trip. I’m afraid that inability to focus on one thing at a time carries over into my dreams of being a powerlifting champion.

I’ve been training since February for the June 18 APA powerlifting meet where I hope to break my first (see, there I go!) record. Thoughts of hitting the 180 squat for that record have consumed me.  But in my “look, there’s a butterfly” mentality, there’s room for other goals. I’m going to the USAPL Raw Nationals in August.  This event is a qualifier for the Arnold Sports Festival, which is really a loftier dream than a beginner like me has any right to aspire to so soon, but a girl can dream. And while I’m working on everything I need to work on to get the 180 squat — to depth — at the June meet, I’m also digging up information about USAPL records,  performing calculations on what I need to do in June in order for the Soviet Peaking program Ben’s planning post-meet (how cool and sinister does that sound?!) to get me to 200+ (if I hit 190 and can add 5% which the program is supposed to do, that would get me close, but not close enough to break the record). Then how much do I need to add to bench and deadlift to get the 540 total that would get me into the Arnold? And on and on.

And all that mental energy? It’s taking away from focusing on what I need to focus on right now, which is burying 180. I struggled mightily to get 162 to depth this morning on two sets of two, so I still have work ahead of me in the three(!) weeks before the meet.
So. Just like I keep my eyes fixed on my spot when I drive up out of a squat, I’ve got to keep my eye on the prize, keep focus on what’s next — not what’s the next month or week or day. Wish me luck with that!


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