I lift things up and I put them down because I fracking love it

I saw this video over on Stumptuous (a great blog, btw) and even though the absurd point of it was to sell gym memberships to people who don’t lift weights, I loved it. The guy just lives to lift things up and put them down. The video makes him look like a dufus, but you know what? I’m a dufus too.

I absolutely freaking love to lift things up and put them down. Before becoming a powerlifter (because, yes, I suppose that’s what I am now) I never bought the idea of sports or fitness or athletics as being addictive. No way. It was much lovelier to lounge around with movies or books than to exert myself. (lazy, was I? Uh, yeah.)

But now? I am hopelessly hooked. The addiction is real. My favorite day of the week is any day I’m lifting heavy weights. Lifting things up and putting them down makes me happy in a way that only increasingly exotic travel used to. Will I do it forever? Maybe not. There’s a lot of other cool, fun stuff to explore – Olympic lifting, CrossFit workouts, the Atlas stone – but for now I’m training for a couple of meets this summer and having so much fun.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s work. Some of it hurts (I’m talking to you roller stick on the IT band and hips). I scrunch up my face a lot, and my face gets red, and my hands are a torn-up mess, but I’m getting stronger. And that’s what it’s about. Hitting a 180 squat, a 90 lb bench and a 175 deadlift with relative ease last week still has me flying high. How much higher can I go? I’ll just have to keep lifting things up and putting them down to find out.

Lift it up and put it down!


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