The internet is not your coach (also, you can't fool a coach)

Just because coach is back at the board doesn't mean he doesn't know what you're doing. Coaches have eyes in the back of their heads.

I listen to what my coach says and I work as hard as I can to apply it. But I also collect and hoard knowledge like a berserk squirrel with crack peanuts. I can’t help it.  I subscribe to RSS feeds of lifting sites and read blogs and watch videos of other lifters — especially women in my weight class who lift far more than I can. And sometimes I try to sneak things I think I’ve learned into my training.

This morning, after having recently watched a crazy strong girl deadlift 450(!) pounds with her legs set super wide, I slid my feet out a hair from their usual deadlift stance. Then a little more. Surely if it worked for a random woman on the internet who weighs half again as much as me  it would work for me, right? As if Ben wouldn’t notice. Busted, I told him what I was doing.

He pulled me away from my bar and gave me a  bar to hold, telling me to put my hands close together and see where it rested, then further and see where it was. “Which way do you have less distance to pull?” he asked.  That made sense. Then he instructed me to actually put my feet closer together on the deadlift — way closer. And what do you know? Doing it the way my coach said, not the way I thought I learned on the internet, the weight came up easier *and* bonus — my arse didn’t come up like it always insists on doing.

So while I don’t think I can quit my internet addiction (and some things, like the So You Think You Can Squat series, really did help), I’m going to work by the program a real coach (not the internet) developed specifically for me, not the general public, and trust in the process. Promise.


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