How low can you go?

… the lifter must bend the knees and lower the body until the top of the thigh at the hip (not the hip joint), is lower than the top of the knee … — APA Rulebook

165 (here) was probably not low enough. 180, definitely not.

So I conquered the 180 squat in terms of showing myself that I’m strong enough to handle it. I’m not afraid of it anymore, which is a huge step that comes with a surge of confidence. And it was so great of everyone that came up to me at the gym today to congratulate me. But now I have to make it legit. I didn’t get low enough and I can explain all day — it was my first attempt, I was scared, I didn’t know if I could do it  — but it doesn’t matter. At the meet, I just have to bury it. I have to go low enough that there’s no doubt in the ref’s mind that I made it.

So go low is my new mantra. Ben stacked a carefully selected batch of plates on the floor today in front of the squat rack and told me I have two weeks to memorize that depth. That depth, by the way, is lower than I’ve ever gone. I have a feeling I’ll hurt in some new places tomorrow. The idea is to squat, barely graze my arse on the stack, and drive back up. Again and again and again until my body knows that’s where it’s meant to go. So that when we load 180 (or 185! or more?) on the bar at the meet, it’s second nature to go low, go low, go low.


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