Team in training

In the end I have to achieve my goal myself. My coach can’t do it for me. Neither can my husband or my mom or my friends. It will be me under the bar, trying with everything I’ve got to complete a record-breaking 180 pound squat.

But it surely does help along the way having people who understand. That’s why it’s so great that my friend Susan is training to break a record (actually two!) at the June meet, too.  While I know that everyone else in my world in unutterably weary of hearing me talk about training and The Meet, Susan and I can talk nonstop for ages all about it. It’s a huge help to be able to talk to one another, provide and receive support and encouragement, and most of all have someone who understands.

We’re on the same program, so we share the same workouts, and when we have the chance to actually train together, well, that’s just icing.


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