Hello 200

Facing 200 pounds for the first time

There are countless aspects to training for a huge physical goal like a 180 squat in the 105 weight class. One significant aspect of it is mentally preparing myself to go under a bar that weighs more than 1.7 times my body weight. A thought that’s kept me up at night is wondering what that feels like. I’ve never done more than 165  and 15 additional pounds can feel like the weight of the world, so I’ve had some apprehension how I’d react when I settle under the bar and stand up.

Today I got to find out what even more than that feel like when I practiced standing up with 200 pounds.  Ben started me with 185 on the safety rack. I got under it, knees bent, got set, and stood with it for a count of three. The good news is I didn’t crumple like a paper doll under the weight. After working through four sets of 10 squats at 120 pounds (a new best) a little earlier, followed by deadlifts and lateral squats, I didn’t feel like I had much left.

The bad news is it was shockingly and terribly heavy. That only makes sense after all; 185 pounds is lot any way you look at it. I repeated this a few times alternating with some GHRs, then we upped it to 200. By now I was more accustomed to the  weight so it didn’t come as such a shock to my system. After a few hold-for-3s, I did 5 reps of taking it off the rack and putting it right back.

When you fear something, sometimes the worst part is facing the unknown. I know what a really heavy weight feels like now, so along with training my muscles and central nervous system to lift that much weight, I can begin adapting my mind to facing it too.



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