Some days you just do your work

Some days at the gym you feel like a rock star. You lift heavy, you break a record, you do something amazing you never thought you could do.

But it can’t be Christmas or your birthday every day of the year, can it?

Some days — many days — you just do your work.

But you know what? Even a plain old, nothing fancy kind of workout leaves me feeling awesome.  Of course my favorite days are hitting new maxes, but you don’t get there without all the work in between.

I’ve been following Maximilian Mormont’s powerlifting program and am finding that it includes lots more reps than I’m used to, and a greater number of individual exercises — some workouts have 10, at 3 sets of 10 each. Many  of them I’ve never done — Ben couldn’t help but laugh a little when I asked him how to do curls. I know dudes  in gyms worldwide came out of the womb knowing how to do curls, but not me. (And I was surprised and disappointed to see how low of weight I can do at 15 lbs each  … until I googled it and saw that an awful lot of women are using itty bitty little weights.)

I’ll have a chance to ask Max (who’s a weightlifting champion) soon when he visits our gym how the program differs from the way I trained for my first meet (low reps, heavy weights). I like to know the science behind the magic of the still ongoing transformation. My observation so far is that I’m hungrier, sorer than I’ve been in a while, and even when I’m not doing anything spectacular, love how I feel after. So yeah, I’ll look forward to the rock star days, but will keep plugging away in the meantime.  Maybe I’ll even get to use heavier dumbbells on those curls.


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