What's in a gym?

Why work out in a gym? Why not do it at home? You don’t need to get in your car and drive somewhere to do push-ups and sit-ups, burpees and box jumps. I’ve got a chin-up bar at home (thanks to my sweet husband who got it for me for Christmas). Jump rope, check. Weight bench in the basement, check.

What I don’t have at home is community. Friends. People who will cheer me on when I attempt something new, or encourage me when that something new is something scary. People who will notice how I jerked the barbell too hard on the deadlift and ask me if I know about pulling out the slack (I do, I just forget).

I don’t have inspiring people to watch working out in between my sets. I don’t have a coach who will notice from across the room if I’m not set just right and correct me. I don’t have the energy pulsing through the room, the glorious sound of weights crashing to the floor (especially love the sound when it’s one of the badass Crossfit girls). I don’t have any of that at home.

And while my only gym experience before Derby City CrossFit was a globogym 10 years ago where they did a lot of body-fat caliper testing and I read books as I trudged along on an elliptical, I don’t imagine I’d have this community at just any other gym, either.

That’s why I leave my warm, snug bed at a cold, dark, hour and get in my freezing car and drive to the gym before work. That’s why I throw off a day’s stresses and grinding worries and go to the gym after work. Lonely chin-ups in the hallway at home with my dogs looking on can never compare with going for a new PR (seven is next!) with friends urging me on at my gym.

Getting strong is my ultimate goal, but I don’t want to do that just anywhere.


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