Strong is the new skinny

This is my first post in the SINS Body Transformation Blog Challenge
What’s that? A challenge from “Strong is the New Skinny” to chronicle progress. These are the details:

The “Rules” are Simple and HIGHLY Open to YOUR Interpretation and Implementation:
Have a blog or start one
Write an initial blog post saying you’re going to make the best progress of your life, when you’re starting, goals, before pics (if you want) training and anything else you want
Post that blog to the SINS Facebook Page as a NEW status update
Blog at any frequency you like to stay motivated – daily, weekly, bi-weekly, etc. and post those to the SINS Facebook page as a NEW status update
Create a final blog post with before and after pics, commentary, measurements and anything else you like and post THAT to SINS on Facebook as a NEW status

So I’m starting this to coincide with the start of my training for the June 18 power lifting meet and will say to the world (or to those of you reading at least!) that I’m going to work as hard as I possibly can to be as strong as I can be 16 weeks from now. I’m proud of what I did my first five months at Derby City CrossFit, but the weight (155 pounds) I worked so hard to pick up in that video should fly off the floor next time.

I made amazing progress my first few months because I was starting from nothing. Now that I’ve gained some strength and have a baseline, I want to really build on that.

I’m starting with these maxes at 105 pound body weight:

150 lb squat (in training)
80 lb bench (meet)
155 lb deadlift (meet)

I want to see 25 more pounds on squat, 5-10 on bench, and at least 25 on deadlift.

Goals like this make me so much happier than a goal of being skinny. I’ve been there and done that some years ago, doing endless cardio and depriving myself of food, aiming for an arbitrary goal of weighing what would have been more appropriate for a 12-year-old than a grown woman. I looked more like a pencil than a woman, and didn’t have the strength of a kitten. How much more fun, and healthy, and rewarding, to measure how much weight I can lift than how many pounds I weigh!

That’s not to say I don’t struggle with the idea of gaining weight so that I can lift more. For so many years, seeing the number on the scale increase was associated with failure at dieting, or lack of will power. It’s taking some mental readjustment to see an increase as a sign that I’m feeding my muscles and fueling my body for more and harder work. But my idea of beauty is evolving. Bones protruding is not hot. The curve and ripple of muscle is. Ribs you can count is not captivating, but a glimpse of the solid, sculpted muscles of the abdomen is.

So for the next 16 weeks I’m going to work my arse off, following the program my coach sets for me, feed myself abundant and healthful food, and whatever happens at the next meet, I won’t be able to blame being too skinny — because I will be STRONG!


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