Cleared for takeoff

warming up for the squat

I heard it repeatedly from both Ben and Dr. Kyle – “after the meet you recover.” That didn’t mean no workouts of course, it just meant a pretty drastic reduction in load and intensity after the heavy-duty work for six weeks leading up to the meet. I don’t like the sound of it, but they both said I went into the meet broken down. I complained to my husband that that made me feel old, but ever the sports fan, he was quick to point out that even 20-year-old pro athletes get broken down from training too hard.

Honestly, I didn’t take it as easy as I maybe should have (it’s hard to give up my addictive gym habit), but I haven’t lifted more than 70% of what I’m capable of in the two weeks since the meet, and most of the parts that hurt after that day have settled down.

I went in to see Dr. Kyle about the parts that haven’t entirely recovered, and for an assessment to make sure I’m ready to resume training. He evaluated my range of motion and flexibility, paying particular attention to my knees – the right which began to hurt before the meet, the left a week later – and adductors and psoas. To address inflammation in the knees from overuse he used the Graston technique which should help sweep away the bad stuff, then used ART to deal with the whole area around my hip and thigh that’s been tight, helping loosen it up. He showed me on his anatomy figures on the wall exactly how muscle strain can affect the bone below the knee. (I wish my anatomy teacher in college had made things as clear!)

Meanwhile he made jokes about my first foray ever into an athletic event being not recreational soccer or volleyball, but competitive powerlifting. It’s always good to laugh during a treatment which can hurt a bit during the process!

He pronounced me sound and ready to train, no tendon or ligament damage, just lingering inflammation and aggravation resulting from my abrupt leap from couch potato to gym fiend. He recommended ice, gave me a sheet with some good stretches to work the psoas and the muscles that affect the knees, and turned me loose to start all over again.

Next week I start Ben’s version of the Westside for Skinny Bastards program, which he tells me I’d better bulk up for or I’ll never make it through.

Between the two of them looking out for me, I’m good to go!


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