I've won the lottery

Getting ready

I’m a food writer, so it’s in my interest to be able to eat as much and as varied food as possible. I’m also a 5 ft 1 (and a half!) small-framed woman, so by nature, I can’t consume a lot of calories. Not the best scenario, is it? For most of my adult life to maintain my weight, I’ve only been able to eat about 1400-1500 calories a day. That’s one wine dinner right there.

Then something happened. I exchanged a “skinny-fat” frame for a muscular one. Fat pounds melted and muscle emerged in its place. I hadn’t really been tracking calories, but after the power lifting meet decided to monitor, just to make sure I was getting enough to feed those hungry new muscles. I made a point of getting 1800 a day — and even went to one of those 6-course wine dinners one night, enjoying a gorgeous salad, brie and lobster ravioli in green apple butter, blueberry-venison sausage, braised brisket, strip steak with winter vegetables, and ginger ice cream along with half a dozen wines. (Obviously I couldn’t even count what that racked up!)

Though I’d intended to not mess with scales for a while, I thought I’d better check in when I found I couldn’t jump rope and hold up my pants at the same time, and discovered I had dipped again since the meet. Obviously 1800 is not enough calories. Since I’m beginning training for the spring meet, I’m going to up my daily intake to a whopping 2100 calories! This may not sound like a big deal to anyone of normal height and build, but to me it’s like winning the lottery. Just think how much I can eat with more than two thousand calories to spread through the day!

I got into CrossFit and power lifting so that I could indulge as needed in my passion for food writing, but became completely addicted to it along the way, to the point that it’s equally as important as my writing now. But to have such a perfect synchronicity that I eat to write and to feed my muscles, and I work out for the joy of it and to keep the muscles that let me eat what I want, really and truly is winning the food writer’s lottery.


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