Q&A with coach: What’s your biggest fitness weakness? ( by Dana)

I can’t speak for everyone, but following the power lifting meet, I know I’m analyzing my weaknesses to determine how to improve. I’ve watched the videos of my lifts, even though I wince each time I watch myself fail, trying to understand everything that went wrong. Although I’m sure I have others that coach could point out, in my own mind, one of my biggest weaknesses was letting my nerves get to me. At least part of the answer to that is getting more confident in my lifting, becoming more sure in myself with the heavy weights. And it’s that step — painful as it may be — identifying our weaknesses, that has to come first in developing a plan to overcome them.

Even the strongest of us have weaknesses, something that can prevent us from doing our best. Especially being still new to all this, it’s easy to think that those who have done this for a long time are past any imperfections in their work. But nobody is perfect, so I asked Ben to share his biggest fitness weakness.

“My biggest weakness is commitment,” he answered. “There is always something I want to try. Sticking with something to see its fullest potential seems to present the biggest problem for me. If I could just stay on a program more than one month I’d probably make even greater gains in my strength.”

He’s pointed this out to me before when I start asking “When can I do this? When can I do that?” I want to do it all and do it well, but he reminds me that you can’t do everything and be the best.

Working in a gym, rather ironically, is a challenge for coach as well. He’s “constantly trying to keep myself focused and limit distractions, not worrying about what everyone else is doing and focusing on the numbers that I have to hit that day.”

Recognizing that no matter how strong or experienced other members or the coaches may be, that they face obstacles too, helps me understand that I can continue to improve. They work to overcome their own weaknesses, just like I have to.


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