Twas the night before the meet (by Dana)

weigh-in for the power lifting meet

Ice on my knee, and Kinesio tape too. Weigh-in complete, nothing more to do. Just eat a big meal — I’m talking a heap! Then off to bed, and hope like hell I can sleep.

The night before a meet is like Christmas Eve and the night before the first day of school rolled into one. Since I have no experience at anything remotely like this, I don’t know what I should feel like, but my gut feels like I’ve just leaped off a cliff every time I think of my lifts tomorrow.

I had my official weigh-in this morning. After creeping up a half-pound since last week when Ben suggested I gain five pounds before the meet, I made like a kid doing all his chores the last 10 minutes before his parents come home, loading up last night on a cheese omelet with bacon and a big glass of chocolate milk only to find myself right where I was last week when I weighed in this morning. ironically I think I didn’t manage to gain weight this week because I cut out drinking all week in order to feel clean and healthy for tomorrow.

What didn’t feel healthy was a puffy, painful knee, a muscle spasm in my lower back, and the always-painful psoas, so I got a night-before appointment with Dr. Kyle. It didn’t take long for him to say, “You need to take a break after tomorrow.” I know. “You’re falling apart,” he said — with a laugh — but he’s not far off. Luckily he could treat all that ailed me.

I got to try out his new tool — a percussion device that applies pressure via rapid tapping to painful areas. He explained it helps reduce inflammation by helping break up and disperse lactic acid, and helps speed up other healing by repeatedly shortening and lengthening the muscle. Best of all, it’s not only *not* a painful process, but it actually feels good, almost like a massage. He worked the area of my back that was locked up, loosening it nicely, treated the inflamed knee, and loosened up my hip and quadricep on the same leg. His theory is the aggravated psoas is causing the knee to pick up work it shouldn’t have to be doing, on behalf of my upper leg, and in (my non-medical terms) everything from the top of my leg to my knee is jacked up. After the percussion tool, he applied the Kinesio tape just below my kneecap to help prevent some motion that he observed was causing some of the pain.

I left still full of butterflies in my stomach — especially when I saw the squat rack set up for tomorrow — but less worried that pain or injury will keep me from doing my best tomorrow. Now it’s just up to me.


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