What's that blue tape? (by Dana McMahan)

bench 75

I knew it would be hard work preparing for my first power lifting meet, but I underestimated the wear and tear on my body of increasing the amount of weights I’m lifting at a fairly rapid pace. And that was only with lifting three times a week – I can only imagine what people feel like that do it more often!

Dr. Kyle has tried a few techniques with me to work on the issues I’ve run into caused by using my muscles far more than ever before. The most intriguing was the blue tape. I’d noticed with curiosity a few people around the gym with strips of this bright blue tape adorning various places on their bodies, and it was soon my turn to see what it was about. Dr, Kyle fastened strips of it to my wrist, which bothers me when I bench, and the back of my left knee, which had, since one particularly ferociously heavy squat, left me limping a bit from the pain. This Kinesio Tape is meant reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused tired muscles, and support muscles while allowing a full range of motion. It made a bit of a splash when some Olympic athletes sported it at the games.

It made a splash for me too. One day into the five days I was to wear it I was giving a presentation to a group of Girl Scouts. No fewer than four asked me “what’s that blue tape?” It was a popular question at work as well.

It’s hard to judge its effectiveness on my wrist, as it really only hurt while benching, and it didn’t seem to improve much at my next attempt. Then again, I was lifting more, and it didn’t hurt any more than before. However, the pain behind my knee that had radiated up and down my leg and made climbing up or down stairs a laborious effort accompanied by clenched teeth, that pain dissipated in a day or two, and most importantly, did not return with my next heavy squat. Can I attribute it to the magic tape? Or to the ART technique Dr. Kyle also used? I don’t know. All that really matters to me is the result, which was that I could continue my training. But next time something hurts like that, I’ll be first in line asking for the blue tape.


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