Lifting weights: easier than jail (by Dana McMahan)

And more fun. I heard on the radio this week that a Fitness magazine survey says nearly one in four women would gladly spend a week behind bars to reach their ideal weight. 85% would have an extra toe to keep off the pounds and 23% would shave their heads.


Beyond how sad that is, I’m just surprised how few people seem to know, or are interested, that there is for real a way to lose weight that doesn’t require horrid diets or bizarre punishments. Go to jail if you could lose weight? What about a few squats, deadlifts and bench presses every week?

I don’t know what the science is, and really, I don’t care. I just know that since I’ve been lifting heavy weights I can’t maintain my own weight. And I don’t mean I’m gaining. With Ben training me for the power lifting meet in February, I’ve actually increased my food to try to gain a couple pounds. I’m eating almonds and walnuts by the fistful, guzzling chocolate milk after workouts, slathering my daily apple with almond butter, and eating until I’m comfortablly full at meals. And I can’t gain an ounce. I’d never have thought I’d sigh at seeing the number dip again when I step on the scales but I found myself doing just that this week. The more I weigh the more I can lift, but the more I lift the less I weigh.

So why isn’t every woman in American who says she wants to lose 10 pounds lining up at the squat rack? Do we really still believe it will make us big? So not true. Not only does it make us leaner, it makes us stronger, sexier and more confident. What diet (or JAIL) can do that?

So come on, before you decide you want to go to jail, pick up a weight. You just might lose some.



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