In coach we trust (by Dana McMahan)

I’ve essentially walked in off the street and begun lifting heavy (to me anyway) weights at Derby City CrossFit. I had zero experience ever picking up a bar with weights, and wouldn’t have the first idea what to do with one, except for Ben’s coaching.

I didn’t literally start lifting things when I walked in the door — I’ve built up to it. But my point is, I didn’t know *how* to do it, and I didn’t even know I *could* do it. How have I learned? Listening to everything my coach says. And practice. Instant feedback is priceless. As I’m in the middle of a squat I get correction — knees out, chest up, back on the heels — things I don’t know by heart yet because I’m still so new. I’ve had comments from family and friends concerned about my well-being about the weights I’m lifting, and while I appreciate their care, I am not worried. There is never a moment I’m struggling with a weight that I have any fear.

First of all, Ben wouldn’t stack the weights on if he didn’t judge that I was strong enough. But even if something happens and I *can’t* do it, he is right there. He’s not going to let me do anything stupid or hurt myself. He is a heck of a lot bigger and stronger than me and could snatch a bar from me in a split second if need be. That’s why I can push through moments when I don’t know if I can make it. Sometimes coming out of a squat I feel my knees wavering and I wonder if I have the power to come on up. I don’t consciously think about Ben being back there — only after when I see a video do I discover how many times he has his hands ready under the bar, prepared to take it. But trusting that I’m not doing this alone means I can be fearless.

I’m way too new at this to begin to offer advice or counsel to others. But if I’ve learned anything worth sharing so far, it’s just to trust your coach. He (or she) has got your back. So go for it.


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